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Axioma de Constructibilidad.

artist. Felipe Pantone

date. 2019

city. Panama City, Panama

size. solo exhibition

project. first solo exhibition of Felipe Pantone in Panama.

developer. Articruz S.A.

10-25-19_Articruz_Obras Pantone_RG_040.j
10-24-19_Articruz_Visita Felipe Pantone_
10-27-19_Articruz_Inauguracion Pantone_R
10-19-19_Articruz_Visita Felipe Pantone_
10-25-19_Articruz_VIP Inauguracion_RG_01
10-25-19_Articruz_Obras Pantone_RG_026.j


Design of exhibition.

internal and external communications.

Planning and supervision of artwork to be produced in the studio.

Coordination with the logistics department for the transport of artwork.

Installation supervision.

information and sales support during opening day.

10-21-19_Articruz_Visita Felipe Pantone_
10-19-19_Articruz_Visita Felipe Pantone_
10-25-19_Articruz_Obras Pantone_RG_015.j
10-27-19_Articruz_Obras Pantone_RG_094.j

© Photography: Articruz S.A.

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